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President Cyril Ramaphosa tells the National Council of Provinces that a high level finance team is "urgently finalizing" a public/private sector cannabis funding scheme that will assist legacy growers.

Presidency’s Latest Assurances: Special Finance Team Urgently Finalizing a Funding Framework for Cannabis and Hemp Industries

The Institute for Economic Justice has recommended that adult-use consumption of cannabis be legalized in South Africa in a regulated way and has Cosatu's backing.

Labour Throws Its Weight Behind Regulated Legalization of Cannabis in SA

Unless Government comes up with a plan to protect South Africa's legacy cannabis growers, they will be sidelined for sure by cannabis reform in its current incarnation.

Rise of Sophisticated Illegal Cannabis Grow Ops and Government Policy Vacuum Push Legacy Growers into Poverty

Supporting Business Growth

Supporting Business Growth

Key sponsorship and promotion opportunities for new products and services

SAAI Says Cannabis Bill is “Irrational”: If the Public is Allowed to Eat Pork, the Farmer Must Be Allowed to Sell Bacon

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