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South Africa’s Biggest Cannabis Secret Hides in Pondoland: Weed that Suppresses the Appetite!

THC-V is a cannabis compound that has recently attracted the attention of international cannabis researchers because of its potential as a ‘weight loss’ product as well as a dietary supplement.

Leading South African cannabis consultant Ayanda Bam believes some of our Pondoland strains are naturally high in THC-V for two main reasons:

  • The Latitude favours THC-V compound development, and
  • Appetite-suppressing strains of cannabis were developed historically for migrant workers who had to endure stretches of time without food, either travelling or working.


Bam says the gradual selection of high THC-V strains is a fascinating response by growers to service the needs of migrant workers.  At the core of apartheid was the provision of cheap, black labour for the mining economy: cannabis that helped workers cope with arduous conditions, working long hours without eating, became a practical tool for survival.

“This underlies the importance of understanding our own genetic profiles” Bam told Cannabiz Africa. “Right now there’s no provision on how we protect the intellectual property of our growing communities, who are not yet even included in the debate”.

He said it was important for growers to protect the high-THC strains they’d developed over the years, particularly because of the threat of international bio-piracy, which often came in the guise of corporate collaboration.  Durban Poison, a South African landrace that has already been “pirated” ie) registered internationally by non-South Africans, is believed to be high in THC-V.

International scientific research on THC-V is in its early days, but several characteristics are becoming apparent. At low doses, THCV exhibits combative activities at the cannabinoid receptors. In other words, it can block some of the side-effects of a psychoactive high by blocking anxiety and dulling the appetite ;and producing an early and fleeting increase in energy disbursement. 

When taken in high doses, THCV seems to connect to the same locations in the brain and body as traditional THC, though more research is needed to clear up these associations. Preliminary results indicate the compound produces both stimulating and sedating effects.

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