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Uganda Cannabis: Licenses available to those with cash

Uganda’s legal cannabis industry is now officially underway, even though government appears to be dithering over the issue of licenses. The Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, has drafted 15 stringent guidelines that companies seeking to grow marijuana for medical purposes must follow, but says ultimately Cabinet must decide who gets a licence.


Uganda Cannabis Licenses

Health Minister Aceng: prove you’re not a fly-by-night to get a license


According to a draft copy of the guidelines which still have to be formalized, individuals and companies seeking to grow or export marijuana for medical purposes will be required to 

  • present minimum capital of $5m (about Shs18.3 billion);
  • a bank guarantee of US$1 million (Shs4 billion)
  • present tax clearance certificates from the Uganda Revenue Authority, 
  • have valid trading license, 
  • evidence of value addition to cannabis;
  • audited financial statements
  • keep grow sites away from schools, hospitals and residential areas and in case of any associates/business partners and such details must be disclosed to government including site designs, a robust security system with access control systems and intrusion systems in place.


Although the guidelines have been issued, the Ministry of Health has been accused of dithering in the issuing of licenses. Only two licenses have been issued so far, to:

  • Industrial Hemp Uganda
  • Together Pharma


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Companies that have applied for licenses include:

  • Natgro Phama (U) Ltd, 
  • Medraw (U) SMC Ltd,  
  • Urban Properties (U) Ltd,  
  • Prime Ranchers,  
  • Silver Seeds (U) Ltd, 
  • Dave and Dave Group, 
  • Seven Blades,  
  • Cannops Africa, 
  • Quest Worths International Group, 
  • Premier Hemp, 
  • Sativa Agro-tech Ltd,  
  • Zeus Agro Ltd
  • Owesia (U) Ltd.


Among the companies awaiting a licence is Premier Hemp, Uganda’s main cut flower exporter. Premier Hemp is a subsidiary of one of Uganda’s largest conglomerates

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