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The Art of Herding Cats: A Report Card for Cyril

The Art of Herding Cats: A Report Card for Cyril 

There are strong indications that the Presidency is going to assert itself in 2022 to rescue the flagging National Cannabis Master Plan (NCMP) which has so-far failed to deliver on the promise of creating a new legal cannabis economy.

Cannabiz Africa looks at the 7 government departments intimately involved in cannabis reform (or lack thereof) and assesses their performance

Class of 21: Juss (class head), Sapsy, Coy, Ira, Agri, Helf and Little Pharma.


Overall class report

So, a mixed bag indeed. Of the seven little dears, only two really seem to have the plot as to what is going on in class – that’s Ira and Coy. Coy’s been absent for much of the year but would be the appropriate class captain for next year as all the kids appear to listen to it.  Agri’s been a disappointment – all it thinks about is hemp and doesn’t pay enough attention to other lessons. Little Pharma has potential but plays little irritating games which invite loathing and bullying behaviour. As for the clangers of the class: Helf needs therapy if it’s to progress, but as for Juss and Sapsy, they are simply bullies, have a negative attitude and influence on other children and should definitely be excluded from next year’s class.


Child Grade Govt Dept
Ira A International Relations
Coy C Trade and Industry
Little Pharma D SAHPRA
Helf F Health
Juss G Justice
Sapsy G SAPS


Over the next 6 days, Cannabiz Africa will release the children’s reports, a day at a time.

You can read them here

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