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Silverleaf JV with Druids Paves Way for SA Cannabis Exports to Australia

Silverleaf’s cannabis fund has made its opening investment – it’s financing an Australian CBD export deal through a JV with Gauteng-based Druid Holdings, one of South Africa’s leading licensed medical cannabis cultivators. This follows Druids securing a major, multi-year international supply agreement with a leading Australian pharmaceutical company. 

“The investment is assisting our growth and ability to meet our existing take-off agreements,” says Cian McClelland, CEO of Druids Holdings. 

“SilverLeaf Investments is the last Section J12 fund to launch in the SA market and appears to be one of the first to invest in 2021, creating excitement for those who have jumped onto this green bandwagon”, said Clifford Giesenow, Silverleaf’s joint CEO. “We are really pleased to partner with one of the only fully licensed medicinal cannabis companies who are up and running, and ready to export high-quality products across the globe.” 

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“All the stepping stones are in place to build a robust industry both locally and abroad and we still have an opportunity to become global leaders in cannabis. Our infrastructure, climate and production costs are ideally suited. The industry needs to work hard to maintain consumer confidence in the quality and consistency of our Proudly South African cannabis goods” added Silverleaf joint CEO, Pierre van der Hoven. 

About Druids Holdings

Druids Garden is a Health & Wellness company ( that was formally established in 2017 to grow & harvest endangered plants used in African Traditional Medicine, so as to manufacture & distribute a range of medicinal and general health related products.

Druids Garden, Druids Grow, Druids Extracts and the Druids Garden Retreat are subsidiaries of Druids Holdings (Pty) Ltd, registered in South Africa. The company brings together more than 30 years of growing and cultivation experience plus 10 years of African and Asian medicinal extract and manufacture experience.



Druids Holdings currently manufactures a broad range of high quality medicinal products that are marketed under the Druids Garden brand. Different types of plant matter are grown for different ailments and packaged as:

  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Ointments and creams
  • Oils
  • Suppositories
  • Female sanitary products

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