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Sarel Robbertze



About Sarel Robbertze

Oom Sarel is an out-an-out prohibitionist, but at least he’s honest about it. He’s spent hours trying to find the most obstructionist way of crafting the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, carefully designing it as narrowly as possible to try and pass constitutional muster, which he failed the first time around. And then, to show that the Department of Justice lawmakers are an utter waste of taxpayer’s money they are, they are hijacking the spirit of the Constitutional Court judgement. Robbertze let slip that Justice sees the Bill as a tool to clamp down on illegal dealers. Bottom line. Public participation in drawing up new cannabis legislation was preferable, he told Parliament, but it’s not “in the rules”, so Justice would pursue its own agenda. This guy is a relic of apartheid who should be removed from the cannabis space and sent back to crafting cybercrime legislation which he is quite adept at.