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Qure Offers THC Tests for Home Growers; Here’s What It Will Cost

Cannabis home-growers can now get the “potency” of their plants tested and discover how high their THC and CBD levels are. This a new service offered by Qure laboratories based in the Western Cape.  

Qure co-founder Brenda Marx says home growers can get a “potency” test done on their plants for only R500.  Qure offers analysis on several fronts, from pesticides and other contaminants to terpenes and up to 20 cannabinoids. Tests can be done on dried flower, edibles or any other cannabis products.

“Potency” is defined as a test of the main cannabinoids in the plant and gives on an overall view of the “strength” of the plant or product whether it be for medical or recreational use.

Qure offers to test growers’ samples to determine:

  • Basic potency: total THC and CBD levels in the sample
  • Potency test: : distringuish between THCA and THC and CBDA and CBD


The full range of services is available on Qure’s website, but for a general indication of what tests cost:

  • Potency (THC levels): R500
  • Cannabinoids: from R975
  • Terpenes: from R975
  • Water content: from R200
  • Foreign matter: R200
  • Microbials: R300
  • Pesticides R1 500
  • Heavy metals: R1 800


Marx, who was the first South African to start offering tests, said she got interested in cannabis after she used CBD to cure her dog of cancer. She and master-grower Natie Ferreira launched Qure to meet market demand in the wake of legalization. Qure is based in Montagu but offers its service throughout Africa.

So how would she grade THC levels in the absence of official rules?

“Recreational, or adult-use cannabis is seen as having THC levels of above 20%, but for the average home grower to achieve anything above 15% is high.  I’d call that medium strength THC while anything below 10% is a low THC level”.

She said the highest THC she’d ever measured was from an anonymous home-grower who submitted bud that had a 32% THC level! “It was so sticky it was unbelievable, it was almost impossible to dry” she said. The strain was not disclosed to her.

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