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Blom Basics: Week 2

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Seedling Stage

Waiting for your #cannabis seed to germinate can result in a tense few days. We started to see the seeds embryo crack open on day 5, and the two embryonic leaves started showing on day 6.

We had a cold few days since September 1st, so we’ve kept the seedling indoors overnight. On some of the colder days we used a desk lamp fitted with a infra-red heat lamp, just to help boost the seedlings growth, and to obviously keep her warm.

On the 9th day since germination, a second pair of leaves started to form, indicating that the plant has no moved into seedling stage. As the seedling grows, more of these leaves are formed and bush upwards along with the stem. The seedling stage can last anything from 1 to 3 weeks.


#Transplanting is done nearly always as soon as possible. On day 11 we decided our seedling is fit and ready for a bigger pot. Soil mix here is everything. There are many soil mixes that are cannabis specific, and contain micronutrients to help with your plants growth, but they are expensive. During the 1st few weeks it’s important to keep your plant in neutral soil. The #seedling is very delicate and fragile and can suffer nutrient burn in very nutrient rich soils.

On transplanting, we decided to remove the outer layer of the #jiffy pellet, to give the plant as much room for root growth as possible. It doesn’t always happen, but the outside layer can end up constricting root development, and the plant struggles to push its roots through. If doing this, be very careful that the jiffy pellet does not break and the roots disturbed. We made a hole just big enough for the jiffy pellet and very softly placed it in the bigger sized pot, covering it with a little soil. When done, very gently water the plant. When watering, take care not to compact the soil too much, as the water settles the soil each time.

During some transplants, the cannabis plant may go into shock even if the transplant was perfect. This is mainly caused by the disturbance of roots, but if you look after your plant very well during this stage, it should survive.

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