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Blom Basics: Week 6 & 7

Vegetative stage – Soil mix and nutrients

The teething problems we’ve experienced with our #seedling has (luckily) come to an end. Our #BlueDream plant is now growing rapidly and showing no signs of any issues that might hold her back. We’ve decided to transplant into more nutrient rich soil, as the plant requires feeding, especially nitrogen in its vegetative stage. The #plant will now develop most of the foliage and a strong root system. A good soil mix is important at this stage. The benefits of #organic soil are staggering.

We recommend the following components for an optimum greenhouse mix:

  • Coco coir

  • Bagged soil (preferably organic compost)

  • Vermiculite

  • Perlite

  • Bat guano

  • Kelp meal

  • Bone meal

  • Dolomite Lime

  • Mycorrhizae supplement

The combination of the above and specific amounts is up to you. The internet and various grow guides will help with this process, but we recommend #experimenting with different mixes and combinations that are specific to your style of growing and your personal environment. Get to know your #ingredients and their benefits and then figure out what your plant needs during vegetative and flower stage. Currently during veg, the feeding should be high nitrogen, low phosphorus, and moderate potassium: for example, 9-4-5. The alternative is to buy a #premixed craft #soil, but these are expensive, especially if you grow quite a few plants at a time. Craft soils have all the macro and micronutrients needed for your plants growth, and are a good start for any beginner, if cost is of no concern.

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