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Playboy’s CBD range focuses on ‘biology behind orgasm’

Iconic mens’ magazine Playboy has launched a CBD range focusing on sexual pleasure and intimacy. The famed Playboy Enterprises Inc, says it seeks to narrow the pleasure gap between men and women with its new range, simply dubbed CBD by Playboy.

The Los Angeles enterprise, founded by the late Hugh Hefner, has expanded its existing line of sexual wellness consumer products. 


cannabis and lingerie

Playboy looking for new frontiers in the sexual revolution

CBD by Playboy’s three debut products are:

  • an intimacy gel made with water-soluble CBD powder, maca root, and horny goat weed,
  • a female-focused vanilla-scented arousal spray contains kava kava, vitamin B3, and creates a warming sensation;
  • a relaxing bath bomb that is infused with broad-spectrum hemp oil, essential oils, and rose petals;


CBD to help deal with the ‘orgasm gap’

The products focus on intimacy, enhancing sexual pleasure, and the “biology behind orgasms.” Playboy’s CBD products are developed to help those dealing with the “orgasm gap” between men and women.

The magazine says scientific research shows 85% of men orgasmed the last time they had sex versus 64% of women who managed to achieve an orgasm.

“Our ambition at Playboy is to help everybody, and everybody explore and pursue pleasure,” says Anita Little, Playboy Sex & Culture Editor. “ The new CBD line is a part of “our continued effort to help close the orgasm gap,” she added.

“While Playboy helped usher in the first sexual revolution, there’s more work to do to ensure all can access pleasure. We know women in particular experience orgasm less frequently than their male sexual partners.”


playboy cbd venture

Playboy’s CBD range aims to deepen intimacy


The product line was launched in partnership with women’s health start-up Allbodies which has a three-part sexual wellness course.

Allbodies’ founder and CEO Lauren Bille says her organization focused on helping people “find more freedom, power, and fun with their body through education.”

Through the course, people can learn about arousal techniques, the biology of orgasms, and how to build confidence in communicating about pleasure.

Playboy stopped publishing its iconic magazine’s print edition in response to the current health crisis in March 2020.

Launched in 1953, the magazine is now only available in digital format after the Spring 2020 edition hits the newsstands. The magazine previously cut the number of print issues in 2019 from six to four per year. 


Hugh Hefner cannabis reform,

The late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was an early advocate of cannabis reform


Pandemic has forced Playboy to upgrade its mainframe

Playboy said the disruption caused by the pandemic to content production and the supply chain has become “clearer and clearer,” forcing a conversation on how to transform the print offering in the U.S. to “better suit what consumers want today,” said CEO Ben Kohn. 

In its 63-year history, Playboy has consistently been committed to free expression, breaking taboos, “leaning into discomfort,” helping readers express and understand their sexuality and “advocating for the pursuit of pleasure for all,” he said. 

Playboy is one of the world’s most recognizable brands, the CEO said, with its “cheeky, bowtie-wearing rabbit head” familiar to 97% of consumers globally. 

The brand claims to drive over $3 billion in annual spends globally, to have attracted over 4 million new Instagram followers and to have experienced a a 50% jump in social engagement in the last six months. The company’s digital video subscriptions rose 30% year-on-year.

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