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Israel’s Together Pharma Secures Huge European Cannabis Deal for Uganda

Israel’s Together Pharma Secures Huge European Cannabis Deal for Uganda

Uganda in East Africa is quietly rising in status as a leading cannabis exporter as it leverages its partnership with listed Israeli company Together Pharma in a Polish distribution deal.

Cannabiz Africa

6 December 2022 at 07:00:00

Ugandan cannabis is heading for Poland for the first time in a deal stitched together by European importers, Cantourage, Cannabis House and listed Israeli company, Together Pharma.

Together Pharma has an exclusive cannabis deal in Uganda. The three companies issued a statement on 1 December 2022 announcing a partnership “that makes Ugandan medical cannabis available in Poland for the first time. 

From the first week of December, Polish patients enrolled in the Cannabis House initiative will have access to Together Pharma's Glueberry OG® cultivar, which will be distributed via selected pharmacies across the country. After Germany and the UK, Poland marks the third European market in which the product will now be available”.

The companies say the supply agreement includes the importation of more than 500 kg of finished dried cannabis flowers over the upcoming three years. More products, already offered by Cantourage in the UK and Germany, will be introduced to the initiative in Poland in the coming months.

Together Pharma MD Nir Sosinsky, said "the export of our products to Poland represents a new stage in the expansion of our global reach and strengthens our position in Europe, which is an important market for us. We are glad that our medical-grade cannabis flowers are being made available through Cantourage and Cannabis House in Poland, allowing for a sustainable supply to the benefit of patients across the country."

Philip Schetter, CEO of Cantourage, said “we feel privileged to play a part in supplying Polish patients with high quality cannabis from Uganda and in time, broadening the portfolio of products available."

Cannabis House CEO Dr Grzegorz Kobyłecki, added "today, demand for medical cannabis in Poland is at an all-time high. The cannabis market in Poland has quadrupled over the last three years. Therefore, our partnership is an important step in ensuring that enough quality products will be available to patients. It should be emphasized that the experiment is not a clinical trial, but an initiative which holds bio-ethics approval. Given that cannabis from an unknown source could potentially contain mixtures of dangerous and addictive substances, we are proud to partner with companies such as Cantourage, who support us with high quality research material. Furthermore, given that the experiment has a three-year duration, we have worked hard to partner with groups with a stable market position."

Uganda landed its first medical cannabis exports in the United Kingdom earlier this year and attracted the interest of UK-based Eden Pharma, which has bold ambitions for the country to be a major supplier to Europe.

The Eden Uganda project is fully licensed by the Ugandan government the 5 000 acre site is expected to produce important research on cannabis and the industry, as well as large amounts of raw material CBD and cannabis for use in markets across the world.

Eden Pharma has projected that the project will increase the GDP of Uganda by 3 per cent!

A spokesperson for Eden Pharma commented: “The joint venture in Uganda has opened up Eden Pharma to significant development opportunities that will solidify the years of hard work Eden’s team has put into it.

Uganda, Malawi and Rwanda are emerging as quality  African cannabis producers, while their East African neighbours, Tanzania and Kenya, remain strongly prohibitionist.


About Cantourage

Cantourage is a publicly listed, leading European medical cannabis company. The Berlin-based company with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Poland, was founded in 2019 by industry pioneers Norman Ruchholtz, Dr. Florian Holzapfel and Patrick Hoffmann. Cantourage enables producers from all over the world to become part of the rapidly growing European medical cannabis market in a faster and more cost-effective way, while guaranteeing and developing the highest European quality standards. The company offers products in all relevant market segments: dried flowers, extracts, Dronabinol and pharma-grade Cannabidiol. The company was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on 11 November 2022 and is listed under the stock ticker "HIGH".

For more information visit:

About Together Pharma Holdings Inc.

Together Pharma is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). The company has a subsidiary Globus Pharma Ltd., which holds the franchise, (both directly and through subsidiaries), to grow, produce, and distribute medical cannabis products.

The company operates two farms of the world's most advanced agricultural cultivation systems, one in Israel and the second in Uganda, which allow the control and supervision of cannabis plants using the latest technologies, developing them into quality plants suitable for supervised medical use according to the strict IMC-GAP and GACP standards. The company has also a pharmaceutical factory, which meet all the required strict conditions for manufacturing medical products according to the IMC-GMP standard.

About Cannabis House

The Cannabis House initiative brings together a team of specialists in the field of medical cannabis. Their main goal is to gather patients, institutions, and companies in order to create dedicated cannabis research clusters. As the leader of the first social experiment in Poland, the study – comprising an initial group of 4,000 patients - aims to demonstrate the efficacy of reducing the use of synthetic psychoactive substance with high quality cannabis material. Our main thesis is that cannabis is an "exit drug not an entry drug".


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