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Myrtle Clarke



About Myrtle Clarke

Fields of Green For All (FGFA) co-founder, Myrtle Clarke is still out on bail despite the fact that her court case was a trigger for South African cannabis reform. She deserves to be in the prosecutor’s seat instead of the dock. We can’t put it better than she herself did at the launch of the FGFA Manifesto on 20 April 2021: “Mr Lamola, we reject your Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill entirely. Every word of it. How can you assign an advocate who was on the opposing side of the courtroom in the Western Cape High Court Application (to legalize cannabis) to oversee the legislation? You got a prohibitionist to write the bill! That’s what you did Mr Lamola. Mr Cele and Mr Lamola, we will fight your ignorance, your lack of cognizance of the law, your bullying and disregard for our human rights every single day ”

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