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Another First for Cheeba: Medical Cannabis Training Roadshow Targets Health Professionals in Major Cities

The Cheeba Cannabis Academy is taking medical cannabis education on the road, offering a training package for health professionals in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban during November 2021. The Medical Cannabis Roadshow is a first for South Africa and takes the form of a two day in-person seminar and an online training package and participants will be be accredited with 14 CPD points by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa.

The Cheeba Medical Cannabis Training Roadshow will take place in 

* Durban: 12 November 2021

* Johannesburg: 19 November 2021

* Cape Town:  26 November 2021.


Register here 


In addition to the seminars, the training package also includes the Medical Professional Cannabis online course, delivered in partnership with Cheeba’s US-based partner, Medical Marijuana 411. The online course includes 20 hours self-study and is worth 20 CPD points. Together, the roadshow package earns attendees 34 CPD points.

Day one of the seminar covers the history of cannabis as a medicine, local legalities, plant genetics, organics, and how the body absorbs and metabolises whole plant medicines among other topics. The second day addresses delivery and dosing, adverse effects, diet and alkalinity, and Covid-19.

“The course has been designed to provide a solid foundational knowledge of cannabis as an effective medical intervention for a variety of pathologies, with the goal of reframing the prohibitionist stigma which has erroneously cast cannabis as a recreational drug with no medical use,” said Sharon Price, founder and owner of Carol’s Oil, who has collaborated with Cheeba Africa to develop the roadshow.

“Participants will learn how to identify a safe and efficacious medicinal cannabis product and how to incorporate medicinal cannabis into an efficacious treatment protocol, as well as correct dosage.  They will also gain practical knowledge of how medicinal cannabis interacts with common chronic diseases and how to effectively synergise medical cannabis treatment with the patient’s diet.”

It costs R7,850 per person for the training package, which includes the two-day seminar and online Medical Professional Cannabis CPD course. With two-nights’ accommodation included, the price goes up to R10,750.

“More and more patients are curious and interested in whether cannabis could be included in their treatment plans,” said Trenton Birch, CEO and Co-founder of Cheeba Africa.

“This is an opportunity for GPs, psychologists, dietitians and other healthcare providers to increase their knowledge so that they are equipped to meet this new demand.”

Advocates of medicinal cannabis use, Cheeba Africa, founded Africa’s first dedicated cannabis academy, with online courses launched in June 2020. Today, the academy features a Gauteng campus, offering a 3-month, full time course on the cannabis industry, including a month internship.

Online courses cover topics from cannabis growing and the Endocannabinoid System, to South Africa’s legal landscape and the plant’s broad therapeutic uses.

The academy also offers Medical Cannabis CPD courses which “have been developed to meet the educational needs of healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients who are considering using medical cannabis as part of their medical treatment plan.”

These courses offer CPD – Continuing Professional Development – points accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPSCA). Registered healthcare practitioners are required to acquire CPD points every year.

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