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Malawi sets up new cannabis regulatory authority

Malawi’s new cannabis laws put dual emphasis on hemp cultivation and making CBD available to the local population. However, cannabis for recreational purposes remains strictly outlawed.  The new Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA) will be in charge.

Malawi heralded in a new era on 27 February 2020 when Agriculture Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa  presented  to parliament Bill No. 5 regarding cannabis regulation in Malawi. The bill gives the Malawi government the mandate to create a Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA). The CRA will be responsible for licensing legal cannabis cultivation, for supervising compliance with the regulations, and for the correct distribution of medical cannabis to patients, amongst other key points which include:

  • The creation of a Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA) responsible for licensing and regulating industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis programmes.
  • The CRA will grant licences to cultivate, process, store, sell, export, and distribute cannabis.
  • Exporting cannabis will require a licence.
  • The CRA will also grant permits to conduct scientific research programmes on cannabis.
  • Licencees will be required to comply with CRA’s security measures regarding cultivation, processing, storage, sale, exportation, and distribution of cannabis.
  • Cannabis will also be grown under strict production practices, among them non-involvement of children, preservation of the natural environment, and compliance with quality standards regarding soil, fertilisers, and pesticides used in the crops.
  • Qualified patients in the medicinal cannabis programme will be issued Registry Identification Cards.
  • The CRA will appoint inspectors to check compliance and enforcement of the Cannabis Regulation law.
  • The distribution of cannabis to patients will take place in the presence of Malawi’s inspectors and police officers.
  • Cultivating, processing, or distributing cannabis in contravention of the law will be an offence liable to financial sanctions and to imprisonment for up to 25 years.
  • Refusing to produce the documentation required to enter the medical cannabis programme or making false statements will be an offence liable to financial sanctions and imprisonment for up to five years.
  • Hemp cultivation is allowed with up to 1.0% THC. This means that it’s over the 0.2% allowed in cannabis applications by current EU standards, but follows in line with other countries that have more recently set their THC limit higher.

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  1. this is Aaron Chimwaza from a group of people who are interested or prospective cannabis growers we are looking for a person who can mentor us on a numbers of area on how to move forward with this plan.

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