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Defiant King Khoisan Back on the Union Buildings Lawn; Contemptuous of ‘Dagga Dealing’ Charges

King Khoisan asks why he was released on a warning if he is really a drug dealer

The self-styled King Khoisan SA is back at the Union Buildings staging his protest for indigenous rights after being charged with drug trafficking. He was arrested on 12 January 2022 for allegedly cultivating and dealing in dagga, and released on a warning. A video of his arrest went viral.

“We are not giving up,” he told Times Live on 10 March 2022.

“We know there is no case. They were trying to remove us and they were using their laws. How can I be a dealer in dagga? They released me and said it’s a warning and they [said] it’s free bail. If someone is a dealer, why are you giving him free bail?”

“At the moment we don’t know what is the case, they couldn’t put anything on the docket, so the legal team is waiting for them to come back because they said they will have investigations.

“For me it was once again that government wanted to humiliate the first nation by dragging me through the fence with a weed tree in my hands, dragging me along the paving up until the Mandela statue” said King Khoisan.

“I had to sleep inside the cells at Sunnyside police station with another one that was with us. For us this was another threat from government towards the first nation people.”

King Khoisan SA is arrested by the SAPS for dagga possession on January 12 2022 in Pretoria.
Image: Alet Pretorius/Gallo Images 


Cannabis is a medicine, says the King, so why is he being persecuted?

“They tried to use their lowest to remove us, because for us the weed plant, the cannabis, dagga is a medicine plant. Government and a lot of worldwide institutions know about the medical benefits, before these governments started putting laws on this cannabis we were already using it.

“The government is ignoring the rights of the indigenous people in SA as well as the world and that we cannot ignore because it is a threat to justice.”

The case is expected to return in the Pretoria magistrate’s court on 29 March 2022.

He and a few others, including his wife, have been living in tents near the Nelson Mandela statue at the foot of the national key point in Pretoria.

Their demands include that:

  • the Khoisan people be recognised as the first indigenous nation of SA;
  • the language of the Khoisan people be officially recognised;
  • their ancestral land be returned; and
  • the label “coloured” as a reference to people of mixed race be removed from official documents.

“It is sad that the government hasn’t engaged us on the four issues. For us, those demands are the reason we are here,” he said.

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