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Join Fields of Green for All Livestream Manifesto Launch Today

Fields of Green for All (FGFA) are launching their ‘full spectrum cannabis manifesto” online tonight in the spirit of the 420 marijuana celebrations that have become a world-wide phenomenon.

The livestream session, which will be hosted by FGFA co-founder Myrtle Clark will take place at 19h10 SA time here:

Live stream: FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE


FGFA has been at the centre of South Africa’s push to legalize recreational or adult use cannabis and the Manifesto is its contribution to the National Cannabis Master Plan.

FGFA’s “people’s plant” approach to cannabis reform envisages the integration of the informal cannabis market into the formal one through the concept of “Kasienomics”, (basically the nonformal township and rural economies) and the vision of a ‘bottom-up’ approach to cannabis reform.

Although the FGFA is broadly supportitive of the NCMP it is critical of key areas, primarily around government’s approach to adult use cannabis.


In essence, FGFA proposes that:

  • The Manifesto be used as a foundational document in developing the NCMP;
  • Government uses the FGFA stakeholder network to deepen their insight and build relationships across all spheres in the cannabis supply chain;
  • An academic network under the acronym COUP ( Cannabis Organisation University of Pretoria), provide academic rigour and public credibility to the formation of the CMP;
  • A process of public participation be established to get broad input into the NCMP, possibly in the form of a commission of inquiry;
  • Honour cannabis legalization around the world.

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