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The Chief made his submission to Parliament on 23 May 2023, saying that local landraces were used for  a variety of purposes, including industrial use. He appealed to MP's to support the Mpondoland legacy growers as they were being increasingly marginalized by cannabis reform.

Voice of Reason from Mpondoland: Chief Zwelinkhanyile Diko Tells Parliament: Keep it Simple, Just Classify Local Landraces as Industrial Cannabis

The Justice Department took flak in Parliament this week during stakeholder input into the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill where it became evident that state law-makers are clueless as to what Government's intended vision for cannabis is. They remain conceptually and technically completely out of their depth - and lazy to boot as they have not bothered to bring any rational evidence to back up what is truly a pathetic legislative interpretation of the 2018 Constitutional Court ruling legalizing the private consumption of cannabis.

Justice Dept Admits No Rational Evidence Behind Plant Limits in Cannabis Bill as State Lawyers Come Under Fire in Parliament

Cannabis and solar power to be the key economic recovery drivers in rebuilding the devestated community of Jagersfontein following the flood disaster eight months ago.

Re-Imagining Xhariep: Free State Launches Mega Cannabis Project in Jagersfontein After Last Year’s Mine Dam Tailings Disaster

Farming Community of Gouda says it Wants to Be the Hemp Hub of the Western Cape

Cannabiz Africa

28 December 2022 at 14:00:00

The Gouda Farmers Association is to undertake a pilot project with Hemp Africa (Pty) Ltd to perfect hemp growing in the Western Cape and turn it into the province’s “hemp hub”.

Hemp Africa says the aim of the project is “to obtain the perfect strain for the relevant markets and for the Western Cape microclimate”. 

Research and development began on half a hectare of land in the Gouda area in October 2022, and according to Hemp Africa “we will then proceed to grow 50 ha and initially up to 1 000 ha of industrial hemp on a large-scale development in Gouda”.

Hemp Africa says “we aim to become the hemp hub of the Western Cape”​.

“This is a crucial project for the future economic growth of the community. Together we can make this a success and build upon the enormous potential of industrial hemp crops and the skills of the farmers in the Gouda community.

“By leasing public land, establishing community based infrastructure that is specific to the growers and negotiating contracts, there is an opportunity to increase income and gain access to local and international markets as we move towards widening the growing base within the Western Cape and throughout South Africa.”

The Gouda Farmers Association and Hemp Africa intend to establish a cooperative on the site. The project involves cultivating the hemp and processing it into different products for specific markets.

Hemp Africa, founded by the Holmes group, says it has a “from the bottom up” vision to establish farming co-operatives for smallholder farmers to grow industrial hemp.

“Our vision is to create employment for farmers, spreading wealth, independence and sustainable employment in the region. The Hemp Africa & Gouda Farmers Association Project aims to increase employment in the Western Cape, teaching and supporting smallholder farmers for processing and distributing industrial hemp products.”

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