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Goodleaf focuses on mixing CBD with African botanicals

Goodleaf’s product development strategy for South Africa is to combine CBD with African botanicals. The company, which opened South Africa’s first cannabis-product retail shops in July 2019 in Cape Town, now has five stores and a range of 20 products.

Goodleaf has the backing of Canadian multinational Southern Sun Pharma. The company’s head of brand and retail, Jonni Katz, a veteran of the South African retail scene, oversaw the tie-up between Southern Sun Pharma and Goodleaf during, June 2019.

Katz, known as the man behind eco-conscious brands Earthchild and Earthaddict, said: “We’re excited about what Goodleaf brings to the market. The flagship Goodleaf store will offer consumers a well-curated and unique experience in an exclusive downtown space. This store will be the first of a number of premium cannabis stores that we intend to open in high-end retail locations across South Africa.

Goodleaf’s first store was in Buitenkant Street in the Cape Town CBD. It now has stores in the nearby V&A Waterfront, as well as in Menlyn Park in Pretoria, and in Parkview and Rosebank in Johannesburg.


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Goodleaf founder and CEO Warren Schewitz said “We have about 20 different products ranging from cosmetics to topicals, creams, drops and we also have a full beverage line. Part of what we wanted to do is give consumers an entry point in experiencing the benefits of cannabis, ensuring it is accessible at all levels.

Their products are broken down into categories of Drops, Vapes, Topicals and Beverages. These all have their own unique formulations of CBD or hemp oils in combination with South African botanicals for their healing properties. Their drops come in 1000mg and 1500mg bottles, and is one of the fastest delivery methods of cannabis into the bloodstream. Their latest edition to their product line is their skincare range which is broken down into Cleanse, Nourish and Soothe. Within this rage one can expect to find a cleanser, facial mask, day – and night moisturisers, their Glow Serum and more. Goodleaf also has a range developed with Dr. Kerklaan, which is more medicinal.

Goodleaf’s top-selling topical product is the CBD glow serum (R395), which also contains African botanicals like mongongo oil (rich in Vitamin E) and baobab oil (high in omega fatty acids) to replenish moisture and target signs of fatigue. But its bestseller is its oral-use CBD drops for R1,595, which contains 1,500mg of organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract plus MCT oil (extracted from coconut oil). It also makes CBD-infused sparkling water flavoured with mango and ginger (R225 for a 12-pack).

“As part of the range we have is the African Pure brand, and that is sold at leading retailers formulated for sportsmen, there’s kids drops and pets products for different life applications.”

Schewitz added that a big part of the business was the responsibility to educate people on cannabis.

“In our stores and online we have the largest repository of CBD data in South Africa in terms of study and analysis, so consumers can make an informed decision in this market, particularly where they’re inundated with a plethora of products.”

Schewitz said the cannabis industry was a chance for potential transformation for the South African economy.

“South Africa is uniquely placed to capitalise on this industry, due to having a variety of natural occurring strains of the plant, wealth of skills, industry leading genetic science and an excellent climate. It is time for South Africa to harness the opportunity in the cannabis industry.”

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