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Global Cannabis Report: Medical Cannabis in Africa is All About Export Dollar, African Patients Ignored in the Proverbial Waiting Room

Africa’s cannabis regulations focus mainly on exports

Medical cannabis in Africa is all about exporting to the first world and not about the treatment of domestic patients. That’s the key take-out on Africa, which barely features in the latest Prohibition Partners Global Cannabis Report Second Edition, released on 19 January 2022.


The Second Edition reports that “medical cannabis in Africa is making slow progress with just a handful of countries legalizing it, and most of these having exports as the main objective rather than the treatment of domestic patients”.


It says these countries include Lesotho, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


“As regulations have focused on the production of cannabis for export, there is no substantial patient population, at the time of writing, in any of these countries.”


Africa struggling to get into international supply chains

PP says that Africa is struggling to get its supply chains off the ground. It says tight restrictions in many countries has meant that the arrival of “large quantities of quality assured medical cannabis produced in Africa has been taking longer than anticipated by many in the industry” with only a handful reaching the major import markets of Germany and Israel.


It says three African countries are now exporting high-grade cannabis internationally:



MG Health pioneered exports to Europe by pairing with Dapalin Pharmaceuticals and establishing EU-GMP compliant pathways for German patients to access Lesotho cannabis;


South Africa:

Felbridge has exported hundreds of kilograms to Switzerland



Industrial Hemp Uganda being responsible for exporting most, if not all, the large quantities of medical cannabis sent to both Germany and Israel.

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