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Ghana says no place for THC in legalizing cannabis farming

Ghana legalized the production of hemp on 20 March 2020 and has opened the way for CBD products to be distributed into the West African country.  The Narcotics Control Commission Bill 2019 authorises the Ministry of Interior to issue licenses but the industry will be controlled by will by a new statutory body, the Narcotics Control Commission.

This has spurred criticism with some MP’s saying NCA did not understand economic development or was vested in growing the industry. Ghana’s Hemp Association president Nana Kwaku Agyeman said the government was coming from the wrong starting point: “the inexperienced drafters of Ghana’s drug laws blindly categorise industrial hemp as part of the basket of narcotics despite extensive facts to the contrary.”

MP Ras Mubarak emphasized that cannabis industry in Ghana would be tightly controlled and there was no intention to legalize non-medical consumption for locals.

“What we have approved is not recreational marijuana. It’s important for people to understand the difference. As a country, we have to follow the science and numbers for the good of our country.” 

“Parliament hasn’t legalized cannabis for smoking,” Mubarak said. “Possession of cannabis without lawful authority remains illegal. What we have approved is a different strain of cannabis, and vastly different from recreational cannabis which has more than 0.3 THC. This is not a license to smoke.”

He urged the public to respect the new law, noting that “there are real concerns about abuse” and that only non-psychoactive cultivars of cannabis would be permitted. Laws against recreational cannabis will still be enforced.

“And the law provides for stiffer punishment for people who cultivate or possess without lawful authority,” he added.

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