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Ghana’s ‘Hempire’ backs Nigerian cannabis reform

Ghana Nigeria Legalisation Effort

Ghana’s ‘Hemperor’, Nana Kwaku Agwemang: solidarity with Nigeria!


The Ghanaian hemp association has provided two support letters to show their support for the ongoing cannabis legalisation efforts being undertaken in Nigeria by the Association of Legislative Drafters & Advocacy Practitioners


Ghana Nigeria Legalisation Effort



More about Hempire


The Hempire Association of Ghana was officially registered in July 2019 but existed long before that.  The challenge in registering the word “Hemp” proved to be a challenge we did not reckon on and so it took us the best part of six months to agree with the Register General’s Office that the word “Hemp” would not instigate the recreational use of marijuana.  At one point we were even informed that the words Cannabis and Hemp were illegal words and could not be used at all!


Although officially the Hempire Association of Ghana we trade as the Hemp Association of Ghana

  • Advocacy: Decriminalization and Legalization of Cannabis Sativa (Industrial Hemp) and Cannabis Indica (Medicinal Marijuana)
  • Educating and informing the general public on Healing properties, Health, Environmental and Economic benefits of Cannabis Sativa (Industrial hemp) and Cannabis Indica (Medicinal Marijuana)
  • Working collaboratively with Industry, Government Officials and the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research to create and implement Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Marijuana standards, certifications and regulations
  • Encouraging Research and Development in the benefits of Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana
  • Building a community of Individuals, Businesses, and Organisations to facilitate the growth of the Industry
  • Establishing a National Register of Hemp and Marijuana Farmers and other related service providers
  • Creating a local network of Individuals, Organisations and Companies interested in Cannabis Sativa (Industrial Hemp) and or Cannabis Indica (Medicinal Marijuana
  • Creating an international network of companies interested in the cultivation and or processing of Cannabis Sativa (Industrial Hemp) and or Cannabis Indica (Medicinal Marijuana)
  • Coordinating the efforts of Individuals, Organisations and or Companies interested in cultivating Cannabis Sativa (industrial hemp) and or Cannabis Indica (Medicinal Marijuana) Providing them with General and legal Advice as and when required
  • Coordinating the efforts of Companies interested in establishing factories to process Industrial Hemp and or interested in conducting research into the health benefits of Medicinal Marijuana;
  • Facilitating the exchange of information and technology between hemp agriculturists, processors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers
  • Advocate and support socially responsible and environmentally sound business practices
  • Liaison with Government and Government Agencies (NACOB/FDA/GEA/GSA)
  • Working collaboratively with the Medical Association of Ghana and the Pharmaceutical Association of Ghana
  • Liaison with the Traditional & Alternative Medicine Association of Ghana
  • Liaison with the Psychiatric Practitioners Association and all other organizations deemed to be relevant

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  1. Africa’s legal marijuana industry could be worth as much as $7.1 billion by 2023 according to Prohibition Partners, a research and consulting firm specializing in the legal cannabis industry. This projection focused on the legal and regulated cannabis markets in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Nigeria, Morocco, Malawi, Ghana, eSwatini, and Zambia.

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