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Another SA First: Felbridge Exports Cannabis Tissue Culture to Israel

Felbridge gaining an international reputation for providing top quality tissue culture

Western Cape cannabis pioneer Felbridge Medical Cannabis has successfully exported a batch of tissue culture to a licensed Israeli producer.  Business Insider reports that the deal was done in partnership with with Perfect Plants in the Netherlands and is the first South African cannabis export deal with Israel.  

Felbridge has positioned itself as South Africa’s leading cannabis nursery having already exported product to Spain, North Macedonia, Switzerland, and Lesotho. Financial director Barry Zetler told Business Insider on February 2022 that the company was in the process of lining up other deals with North America and Europe. 


‘Tissue is gold standard of plant propogation’

“Tissue culture is the gold standard in propagation of any plant,” said Zettler. “It’s done in a sterile environment which results in a final tissue that is pathogen free, free of any viruses, which can be multiplied and put into production.

“At Felbridge, with our cloning capacity and with an onsite lab, we’re well placed to handle the tissue, as well as exports out of the facility,” said Zetler.

“It’s really remarkable that we’ve been able to scale up in such a short period of time and to think that tissue propagated in South Africa is powering licensed producers in Europe and the Middle East is really impressive.”

Using advanced, artificial intelligence-driven breeding technology, Felbridge has become South Africa’s leading cannabis nursery, building up a “genetic library” offering cannabinoids with a wide range of characteristics or traits, such as flavour, disease resistances, flower size, and yield to suit the need of the producers. 

The Zettlers have farmed in the Stellenbosch area for four generations, specialising in strawberry and sweet pepper production. The farm diversified into cannabis after being awarded a SAHPRA license in 2017 for a 14 ha cultivation facility.

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