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EXCLUSIVE: Cannabiz Africa interviews Tej Virk, CEO of Akanda

Canadian-based multinational, Halo Collective, has put Lesotho’s Bophelo Health and Wellness at the core of its international strategy which will incorporate its UK distribution network. These will be part of a new company, Akanda, which has appointed former Kirhon European director Tej Zirk as its CEO. 


He spoke exclusively to Cannabiz Africa about the rapidly changing world of cannabis and why southern Africa is California-Plus when it comes to cultivation.


These are 5 take out points from the interview:

  • South Africa should embrace full legalization – use Mexico as a template
  • Bring illegal growers into the mainstream;
  • Make cannabis a job-creating, taxable product;
  • Allow a local market to develop as this will lead to price point clarification
  • Lesotho and South Africa are California Plus when it comes to growing weed in natural conditions


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