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Evolved Publisher: ‘Healers, Dealers and Gangsters’ Govern the Cannabis Dialogue

Evolved is in the fight and the fight is evolving”. Those are the words of publisher Cameron Bramley introducing the second edition of Evolved online magazine on 9 June 21.

Evolved is a new media venture published every six weeks covering the CBD health and wellness market. This edition’s theme is “Rising”, a reference to the rising economic and legalization activity surrounding cannabis in South Africa.


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Bramley writes that: “Some would say the enemy is Big Pharma and others would say it’s the law. I believe it’s an age-old energy of good against evil.  The very notion that so many good things have been thwarted by evil and greed is at play in the cannabis industry”


“There are healers, dealers and gangsters that govern the dialogue, including social media platforms that have recently shut down groups that are vital to educating the consumer…one group was particularly shut down with 24 000 followers that took particular care in making sure their group was well-governed.


“This is the fight everyone in the industry faces; one day a group gets shut down and the next day a legal cannabis farm gets valued at R15 million and is very good news for the industry” writes Bramley.


Among the features in this edition are:

  • Conversations with Fields of Green for All’s Myrtle Clarke on life after her “Dagga Couple” partner Julian Stobbs was murdered;
  • The rise of natural plant medicines
  • A new CBD outlet in Clarens, Neked;
  • A feature on coffee and cannabis;
  • Scaling up a grow up;
  • And a variety of personal accounts and cannabis journeys.

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