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Former TV Celeb Eben Jansen Joins Dagga Party, Hopes to be Cape Town’s Next Mayor!

Jansen relocating from Kimberly cannabis farm to CT

Former TV celebrity Eben Jansen has joined the Dagga Party and wants to be the next mayor of Cape Town. News 24 reported on 8 October 2021 that the former SABC newsreader has been commercially farming cannabis in the Northern Cape but now wants to get into politics to drive for full legalisation.


He said he joined the Dagga Party, also known as Iqela Lentsango, a week ago and preferred it to other parties because it was untainted by greed and scandal.  The 49-year old single father of four intends relocating from Kimberley to Cape Town, which he says is the cannabis capital of the country. He will be campaigning for the Party as its mayoral candidate.

Dagga Party: Cannabis should be used to uplift the poor


His family was shocked when the recently-divorced father of four announced his candidacy for mayor of Cape Town, but were not surprised that he joined the Dagga Party.


He is open about using dagga, adding that cannabis has had a positive medicinal and mental health impact on his life, for which he was eternally grateful, he said.  He told Cape Talk Radio on  7 October 2021 that he was hoping to get popular support from Sea Point and the Cape Town CBD.


“I’m qualified to weed out corruption. The Dagga Party is the only party in South Africa not driven by greed… I’m a cannabis farmer… My candidacy is a united voice for the industry… for cannabis criminals, including yourself… We want to have legislation… that decriminalises the plant completely. That’s what we want.”


He said more research was needed as to the effects of cannabis in potentially protecting people’s immune systems against Covid-19.

“One of the things we’ll investigate is the effect of dagga on Covid… They never had masks in Sweden, and fewer people died there per capita… It’s a bit of a scam… You can’t deny Covid… my concern is where did it come from? … and why were there never lockdowns in certain countries? …”


The Dagga Party, founded by Jeremy Acton in 2009, describes itself as party that promotes the legalisation of cannabis for poverty alleviation and believes municipalities should be able to self-regulate cannabis, Covid-19, and other issues.

South Africa has 504 political parties currently registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), with the Dagga Party being one of 325 parties that will be contesting the municipal elections to be held on 1 November 2021.


Eben Jansen has ambition to be mayor of Cape Town.


Cannabis is decriminalised in South Africa for private personal use by adults but remains prohibited for buying and selling.

“My contribution will be to galvanise the entire cannabis community, both commercial and non-commercial, in the city and the nation. To bring all stakeholders together and chart a new future for cannabis in SA.

“We are already in the process of putting together a working group of all the current licence holders, the traditional authorities, farmers, cultural authorities, and other stakeholders to come up with a document to ensure cannabis is freed and the benefits thereof is shared amongst our people,” said Jansen.


Jansen has been farming cannabis for commercial export for close to two years.

“We started beginning of last year. Set up and grew our first season successfully and managed to export. Our second season gets under way now and we have a three ton off take agreement in place into the EU,” said Jansen.

He revealed that it irks him that the industry and society are still at a crossroads regarding the plant.

“The Dagga Party is the vehicle to lead us to the complete legalisation of marijuana in SA. I promise the people of Cape Town less talk and more action. We will be working behind the scenes for the most part to engage and get results.

He said: Cape Town is the cannabis capital of South Africa and the people must benefit from it in the city and surrounds.

Jansen, who had many stints at the SABC as sports journalist, news anchor, and executive news producer, said he is not yet entirely out of the broadcasting industry.

His plan of action: “I will ensure that there is inclusion and reparation for the crimes committed against the keepers of the plant for generations. The cannabis industry will not be colonised and we will make sure that we unite the industry, the city and the nation.

“If this means I switched to politics for good then so be it, but I’m a man of many interests and I’m just enjoying the freedom of being able to run for the Dagga Party in this election.”


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