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Dacha – Complete Cannabis & Hemp Solutions

Dacha believes Africa is the sleeping giant in the global cannabis movement. 

We are committed to waking this giant and becoming a key component of the cannabis industry in Africa and connecting Africa with the world. 


The name “Dacha” is derived from the Khoisan word for wild cannabis, used by these peoples for hundreds of years to treat various ailments. Dacha was specifically formed to manage and operate all of the company’s future greenhouse facilities, production facilities and local and international dealings. While Dacha offers a wide variety of services to the public including consultation, off-take agreements and guidance in investments and funding, we also have embarked on a journey to enter the consumer market with high quality CBD infused products such as CBD Infused red and white blends, as well as a new CBD Infused Wellness Range, Bush – Be U, Stay Healthy. 

You will see Dacha involved in various lifestyle and sporting events, as holistic health is our pinnacle core value. Located in the heart of Cape Town, Dacha understands the potential that Africa holds within the cannabis industry. We are committed to the realisation and expansion of this, and believe in empowering the community and individuals respectively through R&D, job creation and collective growth within the health industry.

With a presence in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Zimbabwe, Dacha has an extended team of highly qualified and motivated individuals that have not only made it their objective to build top quality businesses, but to passionately produce alternative medicine for the African continent, simultaneously creating jobs and numerous opportunities for growth.


Our most recent endeavours are our developments in Lesotho, where we hold 2 cannabis cultivation and manufacturing licences, to cultivate, process and export cannabis and hemp on two very uniquely different sites. The aim here is to bring onboard these two fully automated greenhouses with accompanying extraction and processing plants before the end of 2021, cultivating strains that loves the unique climate we will operate in.

We are excited at the potential that cannabis as well as Hemp holds for Southern Africa, where historically cannabis has been used by its indigenous peoples for hundreds if not thousands of years, while the climates are perfectly suited for the cultivation of top, world class biomass. Known already for many, many years worldwide for its useful applications, we, like the rest of the modern world, have recognised the power these plant types hold for the advancement of the human race. Because the products derived from Cannabis & Hemp plants are 100% natural and environmentally friendly, the Dacha group aim to make both Cannabis (for health & wellness) and Hemp (for commercial product uses), a recognisable worldwide brand.

Meet the Dacha team

Willie Van Der Merwe: Founder & CEO

With a strong legal background, Willie has used this to navigate his business endeavors and has been useful in his journey to enable cannabis licensing to the extent that he has done so far. Willie is a board member of the Dacha Group of companies (South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana & Zimbabwe. He is also serving on the boards of SDR Corporation Limited (International Finance & Investment Company out of Belize), and consults with various government departments in Africa, assisting and guiding cannabis & hemp legislative changes required in these various jurisdictions to legalise cannabis and hemp.
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Karen Van Der Merwe: Director

Karen has an extensive art and business management history, proving helpful for the design, administrative and operations of Dacha. As director of various companies, Karen's primary function for the Dacha Group of companies is to oversee all administrative, branding, corporate identity and social/ electronic media matters pertaining to the above referenced companies.
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Darren Smith: Director & Operations Manager

Darren oversees the current projects that the company is involved in and is responsible for operations and production within the company. He oversees R&D, the production of goods in the company and do whatever is possible to increase the efficiency of the business.
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Shannon Smith: Brand & Marketing Manager

Having studied Marketing and with extensive experience in the events and promotions industry, Shannon runs the campaigns, social media platforms and brand activation for Dacha and Bush. Working hand in hand with Brand Ambassadors and retailers, Shannon is the go-to for driving sales and recruiting representatives to get involved with Dacha.
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