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CTAA Mobilizes Support; Accuses SAHPRA of ‘Strangling’ the Fledgling SA CBD Market

The Cannabis Trade Association Africa is stepping up its campaign against the South African Health Product Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), accusing it of strangling the local CBD market before it’s even got off the ground.


SAHPRA tightening the noose on CBD companies

In a statement published on 9 June 2021 in its official mouthpiece, Evolved, it says “SAHPRA is preparing to tighten the noose of small CBD companies in South Africa by creating impossible barriers to manufacturing and trade”

It says SAHPRA is “determined to snuff out the entrepreneurial green shoots of small CBD companies by inexplicably restricting quantities of CBD to 20 mg per dose and 600 mg per package; an amount well below standard dosage in Europe and the USA and amounts that are generally too low to be fully effective in many of the ailments that CBD is indicated for.”

The CTAA, which took SAHPRA to court on 26 April 2021 to challenge these restrictions, is now looking to increase the legal pressure by calling on all CBD companies to unite behind its court challenge.  


CTAA: Government undermining its own cannabis reform programme

And it’s also called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to urgently intervene to prevent the country’s legalization of cannabis backfiring


The CTAA says SAHPRA is undermining the government’s own efforts to open up the legal cannabis economy by:

  • Not been able to provide the evidence on which its CBD restrictions are based, despite repeated calls;
  • Warning that confiscations of CBD products are imminent because “officially” CBD cannot be infused into edibles and beverages;
  • Insisting that each CBD business operation have a “responsible pharmacist” (at a cost of R60 000/month) even if manufacture is not done on-site;


‘Abyss’ between SAHPRA and govt is alarming

The organization says it is concerned that multinationals with “deep pockets” benefit from the current licensing regime which is deliberately cutting out smaller players.

The CTAA says “this vast abyss between SAHPRA and the government is very troubling when it comes to creating regulations that are fair and have the best interests of the public in mind.”

The CTAA is calling on all CBD businesses to band together and is seeking to raise further legal fees to continue the challenge against SAHPRA: 


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