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Cilo Cybin Pioneers New Technology in Launching CBD Product Range

Cilo Cybin has launched its first oil-based cannabinoid product range, just two months ahead of its listing on the JSE, while leading CBD consumer brand Goodleaf is bringing a new range of beverages to market.

Cilo Cybin says its products are the country’s first CBD products with a Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEDDS), which increases efficacy by up to 10 times. They are available in two delivery methods; in eyedropper bottles and as vapes, each targeting different areas, including energy, relaxation, and pain and sleep assistance. When ingested, they take between 90 and 120 minutes to take effect, Gabriel Theron, president, and CEO of Cilo Cybin, told Business Insider  on 8 March 2022 .

“The vaper product is used if immediate relief is needed, for example, an anxiety attack. The product is inhaled and acts within minutes. Vaping might be seen as controversial by most; however, as our products are more bioavailable, the frequency of use is reduced,” he said.


Its nano oil can be used after the vape and takes effect between 45 to 60 minutes later.

The company’s formulation uses cutting-edge drug delivery system technologies that have also enabled Cilo Cybin to increase cannabinoid bioavailability by up to 30%, which means that the body more easily absorbs the products, Theron said.

The absorption rate that Cilo Cybin has achieved significantly increases the product’s efficacy.


The company’s cannabis-based products were formulated by Cannabusiness Phyto Pharmaceuticals, jointly with the Institute of Chemical and Biotechnology and The Vaal University of Technology. The three entities form the ICBT-Cannabis Research Division.

Theron said that collaboration is critical in ensuring the latest scientific approaches to the Cilo Cybin product range.

“Our aim is to produce high-quality products targeting both the Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) and ECS independent mechanisms of action using the highest quality raw materials and its delicate formulation processes.”

The company also has a range of medical devices and longevity supplements, including a Near-Infrared Light Therapy which stimulates improved circulation and cellular respiration.


The products are available at Arrie Nel Pharmacies and on Cilo Cybin’s online store.

The company plans to list on the JSE in May as a special purpose acquisition company to buy companies operating in the burgeoning marijuana industry and genetics and wearable health-device companies in the US and South Africa. 

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