Nutrihold Claws Its Way out of Crypto-Funding Clumsiness; But Ukusekela May Pull a Rabbit Out the Hat

JSE-listed company Nutrihold has launched itself into 2021 with a spectacular crypto-currency bungle that may have severely set back its cannabis ambitions. However, at the same time, its subsidiary Ukusekela Holdings looks like it may have stepped in to save the day with R32 million German export order that must have eased boardroom tensions. Nutrihold, […]

Statement from Nutritional Holdings: CannaCrypt will fund Ukusekela; It’s Just a Timing Thing

This is the Sens Statement released by Nutrihold on 14 April 2021: As detailed in the 14 April announcement, CannaCrypt was conceived by Nutritional Holdings and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ukusekela Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“Ukusekela”) for purposes of exploring alternative funding strategies for the working capital needs related to the expected growth in Ukusekela’s cannabis business. […]

Cannabis and Cryptocurrency

Traditional Banking System About to be Blindsided by Tech (Note the Lack of Tears in the Room) The relationship between cryptocurrency and cannabis is a unique one that touches on the future of the billion dollar transactions that are rapidly unfolding as the international legal cannabis market gathers momentum.  Traditional banks may become sunset industries […]

New Cannabis Consumer Products

Tobacco Giants Invest Heavily in New Cannabis Consumer Products

The world’s two largest tobacco companies have made significant investments in Canadian cannabis multinationals that are likely to lead to a new generation of consumer products.  They will also use their expertise in operating within strict regulatory frameworks to strengthen the pro-cannabis reform lobby in the United States.     British American Tobacco (BAT) and Philip […]

Cannabis listings UK

Cannabis confidence surges in UK as listings line up

London’s cannabis sector is finally budding two decades after GW Pharma blazed a trail, with debutants MGC Pharmaceuticals and Kanabo Group both warmly welcomed after listing in February 2021. Interest in cannabis stocks sparked into life in February 2021 as London welcomed its first two specialist medical marijuana companies. A surge in share prices was […]

Beckham Cannabis

Beckham Cashes in on Cannabis with London Listing

British football celebrity David Beckham made a cool BP1,4 million with the listing of Cellular Goods on the London Stock Exchange. His investment vehicle DB ventures retained its 5% stake in the company which went public on 26 February 2021, with 51% of its shares offered to the public.  Institutional investors snapped up the shares […]

Barbados Caribbean Cannabis, Barbados Local Finance Mechanism

Barbados Seeks Local Finance Mechanism to Keep Out Multinationals

Officials are said to be considering ways of raising funds through the Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) to help fund development and innovation in the burgeoning medicinal cannabis industry. This could be a mechanism that Africa should explore in order to prevent being ‘canna-colonized’ by multinationals. Shantal Munro-Knight, Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis […]

silverleaf investments

SilverLeaf aims big: seeks to raise R500 m and go public

New cannabis investment company SilverLeaf Investments is seeking a 15% “carry through” on the projects it raises investments for. It plans to raise R500 m in capital over the next few years and says it may head for a public listing, It’s immediate target is to raise R50 m from smaller, non-institutional investors.  One of […]

Tito Mboweni 2021 budget speech

Farewell Section 12J: It was fun while it lasted

Tito has spoilt the party. Cannabis investors have until June 30 to take advantage of the Section 12J tax incentive before it gets closed down.  South African Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced in his budget speech of 24 February 2021 that the Income Tax Act would be amended to allow Section 12J to fall away.  […]