SAHPRA Cannabis Protests

Uneasy Truce Emerges After Licensing Protests

An uneasy truce has emerged after the 22 April 2021 protests by disgruntled cannabis activists and various government departments involved in the licensing process.    BFASA still pushing ahead with lawfare The Black Farmers Association of South Africa (BFASA) is still intent on gathering affidavits from interested parties to lay criminal charges against the South […]

SAHPRA License Protest

Black Farmers Association to ‘close down’ SAHPRA today in license protest

The Black Farmers Association of South Africa (BFASA) is to march on the South African Health Regulatory Authorities (SAHPRA) Pretoria offices today (22 April 1021) in protest against what it calls a ‘racist’ licensing policy. BFASA says it has obtained the necessary permits and has called for thousands of to support its cause. In a […]

Malawi’s Cannabis Regulation

List of Malawi Cannabis Licence Holders (as of 08/04/2021)

Malawi’s Cannabis Regulatory Authority announced on 8 April 2021 that it had issued licenses for the  cultivation, processing and storage of hemp to 35 companies. No export licenses have yet been issued.   The licenses have been awarded to: Medigrow Malawi Mangoes Africa Gold Ltd Ortusol Ltd SADM Tilimenawo Cannabis Club Unity Co-operative Banana 2017 […]

African Psilocybin License

Lesotho Leads Again: Awards First African Psilocybin License

South African veteran cannabis entrepreneur Jody Aufrichtig has pulled off a stunning new coup – he’s secured one of the world’s first licenses to manufacture psylocybin products through a deal with Lesotho’s Ministry of Health. Aufrichtig was a successful early-mover in the cannabis industry, securing in 2018 one of the first licenses issued in Lesotho, […]

Chris Hart, Standard Bank, SA Cannabis Tax Break

Smart SA Cannabis Tax Break for Investors in New KZN Grow Op

Former Standard Bank economist Chris Hart has pioneered a new funding structure for SA cannabis investors and is putting it to the test in a community-driven grow-op in northern KwaZulu Natal.  Hart, chairman of Impact Investment Africa, has created a new share class through a highly tax-efficient structure for Ngoye View Agriculture which has applied […]

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Who’s actually got South African cannabis licenses? Full list here.

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority has confirmed that 16 licenses for the cultivation and export of cannabis have been issued. To date All are for a five year period beginning at various dates in October 2020. Seven licenses have been issued to Gauteng growers, three to the Eastern Cape, two to the Western […]

Israel Cannabis Influence Uganda

Former Israeli top cop calling the shots in Ugandan cannabis market

Israel has a strong first-mover advantage in Uganda where it’s enjoyed an exclusive relationship with the government. Although that monopoly is coming to an end, Israeli company Together Pharma will continue to be the dominant player in the East African country as it moves towards opening up the market.   Together is believed to have committed […]