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Cannsun bio-med harvests its first 100 kg crop near Cape Town

International bio-pharmaceutical company, Cannsun Medhel Group, has successfully produced its first South African cannabis crop. Cannsun harvested 100 kg of flower from its 23 ha medical cannabis cultivation facility near Cape Town on 10 November 2020.

Cannsun CEO David Parry says the first harvest was of dried flower from multiple landraces from 2 500 square metres at the company’s Atlantis facility.

“This first crop will be used for R&D purposes to further advance our medical grade flower and extracted API. Our phased growing approach allows us to fully capitalize each segment of development and secure multiple sources of offtake” 

SA approaching the ‘outdoor sweetspot’

Cannsun says it’s now ramping up operations and Phase 2 of its plans kick in before the end of November 2020. Over the next 12 months the company will be:

  • planting 1,5 ha of high THC cannabis with 3 000 locally supplied clones;
  • developing a 2 500 square metre greenhouse grow space;
  • genetically testing its own high THC seeds

“South Africa is approaching the sweet spot of its outdoor growing season with ideal temperatures, humidity and sunlight creating a low-cost high yield grow environment for outdoor cultivation. We expect first harvest of the grow to be initiated in Q1 2021” said Parry.

Phase 2, unashamedly high THC cultivation

Cannsun sees no contradiction between growing high THC strains and its focus on medical cannabis as it builds what it calls a “vertically integrated cannabinoid division”. It seeks to utilize THC, CBD and CBG for the highest utility bio-payback in its quest to be a science-led, global, healthcare company in the manufacture and distribution of established healthcare products and pharmaceuticals. The Company has operations in South Africa, Greece, Thailand and Lesotho and distributes products to healthcare professionals and pharmacies in 21 countries. 

Parry says  “Further to a successful first harvest, Cannsun has begun the ground works for its Phase Two expansion. This phase of development is approximately 1.5 hectares of outdoor cultivation, over 3,000 rooted clones will be planted utilizing two high THC strains that were supplied by Felbridge Medicinal Cannabis a local licensed operator, which specializes in cannabis starter materials. 

Cannsun to explore CBG

Additionally, Cannsun has also sourced high CBG clones from Felbridge to grow and cultivate in its greenhouse. Cannabigerol or CBG is a minor cannabinoid that may be used to treat inflammation potentially creating another natural alternative to traditional medicine. Cannsun plans to grow and produce the CBG flower for direct sale and research purposes.  Cannsun also has 2,000 seeds of proprietary high THC genetics that will be grow-tested throughout the year for medical sales and research”.

“We are extremely pleased with the production capabilities of our facility in South Africa. Our vision to create high quality medical cannabis is well underway, we are excited to initiate our outdoor grow and take advantage of the natural growing conditions South Africa hosts. We are pleased to work with Felbridge in providing us with the highest quality clones to ensure consistent flower for medical use. 

As we push the bar of development, we are exploring new strains that host other effective cannabinoids such as CBG, offering medical patients alternatives to suit their medical needs. Our focus continues to be science based botanical medicine and we continue to drive growth in product offerings in all fields of medicine.”



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