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Welcome to Cannasphere Africa, the multimedia platform celebrating everything related to cannabis in Africa!

CannaSphere is a media collaboration between Cheeba Africa’s Craft Cannabis TV and premier cannabis news and industry resource service, Cannabiz Africa. 

Join us for a news and entertainment cannabis lifestyle TV show, sparking intriguing, multilayered marijuana discussions and breaking down cannabis stigmas. 

CannaSphere leads the cannabis conversation as South Africa lurches toward legalization and uncovers what it means to bring a previously criminalized commodity into the open cannabis market. 

Cannabiz Africa Logo - business marketplace in Africa

As it stands, the finest legal minds have decreed that South Africans have a constitutional right to consume and grow their own weed – but the country actually adapting to this change is another matter entirely, and it brings to light: 

  • The government’s state of confusion about cannabis, which can be likened to a novice smoking Alaskan Thunderfuck;
  • A National Cannabis Master Plan that manages to skillfully avoid every issue that needs to be tackled in order to kick-start a cannabis economy;
  • Bills that will come before Parliament will continue to criminalize 99% of cannabis users and growers and will only enrich big business;
  • The hunger of big business cannabis interests – as they ready themselves on the sidelines, licking their lips appetizingly as they wait for the dagga dollar to land. 
  • That there no rule-book or road map governing cannabis reform which is a circus-juggle between clowns in various government departments;
  • That police call the shots at a local level, whether it’s escorting illegal cannabis convoys or arresting them!

But despite the policy giddiness, South Africa’s GPS is set on the road to legalization.  Truth is, South Africans are legalizing cannabis and impatiently waiting for the government to catch up! 

Cannasphere Africa is your trusted companion for the epic journey of cannabis faces. Let’s enjoy the ride together!

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CannaSphere Line-Up

Trenton Birch - Cheeba Africa Co-Founder

Trenton Birch

Co-founder of Cheeba Africa

Trenton Birch has been at the forefront of the South African music industry for over two decades. He was a radio and TV presenter and producer at the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) for 5 years, a live music producer for Real Concerts and Big Concerts and an artist manager. 

He has spent the last 10 years pioneering creative media education in South Africa where he was a Director / Partner at SAE Institute. He is the South Africa Director / Founding Member for the international music / education non-profit Bridges for Music, which is a groundbreaking music and entrepreneurial campus in Langa township in Cape Town. 

He recently founded Cheeba Africa, a cannabis health, wellness and education company that launched Africa’s first Cannabis Academy and also has its own media edutainment channel called Craft Cannabis TV.

Linda Siboto - Cheeba Africa Co-Founder

Linda Siboto

Co-founder of Cheeba Africa

Linda Siboto is one of the Co-Founders and Directors at Cheeba Africa, Africa’s first Cannabis education academy with a physical campus in Gauteng and an extensive online Cannabis course offering, ranging from medical Cannabis to growing.

At Cheeba Africa Linda is responsible for new business and sales and oversees their media channel Craft Cannabis TV.


Noxy Mhlongo - Social Media Cannabis Influencer

Noxy Mhlongo

Kush Queen

Noxy Mhlongo is a cannabis enthusiast who loves to share her knowledge about all things cannabis on social media.

She began her journey by creating educational content on her YouTube channel where she shares videos that help the average person to understand what cannabis is and it’s benefits.


Brett Hilton Barber; Cannabiz Africa; South African Journalist

Brett Hilton-Barber

Founder of Cannabiz Africa

Brett Hilton-Barber (63) is the founder and publisher of Cannabiz Africa, an online breaking news and content service centered around the emerging legal African cannabis market. Hilton-Barber is a media veteran and entrepreneur. He has  B.Journ degree from Rhodes University (1978)  and has worked as a freelancer for the Rand Daily Mail, BBC, Agency France Press and involved with start up media ventures, Vula and Lowveld Business and Farming in the 80’s. 

He then worked at Primedia as political editor (covering the Mandela era) and news editor before playing a key role in launching Cape Talk Radio where he was the station’s first programme manager, then acting station manager before developing iAfrica’s content strategy. 

He then purchased a tourism souvenir and publishing company, Art Publishers. Brett ’s publishing experience includes 8 books, including three on human origins with Prof Lee Berger from Wits University, and four books on the wildlife of Kruger. 

He sold Art Publishers in 2019 and relocated from Cape Town to his farm near Tzaneen in Limpopo from where he currently publishes Cannabiz Africa.