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Cannabiz Newsletter – 10/12/2020

South Africa sheds its ideological baggage at UN, ditches old allies over cannabis reform

The most extraordinary strategic shift in geopolitical alignments happened this month with new ideological differences emerging over cannabis reform. 

In a completely unprecedented move, South Africa finally shed its ideological baggage and broke ranks with the likes of Cuba, China, Russia, Brazil, Angola and Libya at a key United Nations vote on cannabis.

See: South Africa: Lone African voice on UN cannabis stage

Instead, it threw its weight behind the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Europe to support moves to legalize cannabis internationally. 

See UN Vote: Divide between countries reflects approach to freedom

South Africa has taken a lead internationally in pushing for cannabis reform, which is now spreading rapidly through Africa. Eight countries have now legalized the production of cannabis for export and South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Malawi are opening up their domestic markets for CBD products. 



With the increasing global acceptance of medical marijuana and the recent landmark international rulings decriminalizing CBD



Africa is well-positioned to take advantage of the anticipated cannabis commodity boom. Indeed, in southern Africa alone, the cannabis industry is forecast to be worth R32 billion by 2024. (STORY)

Zimbabwe has hit the accelerator on cannabis production and has billion dollar hopes for the year ahead (STORY). However, these plans have been met with some scepticism (STORY). This does not change the long game. Zimbabwe is positioning itself to be the African leader in hemp production. Dr Zorodzai Maroveke, shares her insights in 5 Pearls of Wisdom from Zimbabwe’s Hemp Pioneer.

Legalization brings with it new rules to the game. As cannabis emerges from the underground, entrepreneurs will have to navigate a legal minefield in getting their businesses established.  

See Legalization Ahead? Four key business lessons from the US





Most African cannabis businesses were derailed by Covid-19, but most big plans appear to be back on track with big players like Labat rolling out the Cannafrica CBD retail brand

See story here 



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