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Cannabiz Newsletter – 06/01/2021

6 reasons why Africa will enter the global marijuana mainstream in 2021

The world remains gripped by the Covid pandemic. There is little that is certain given that we live now in an era of unknown consequences. Given this craziness, Cannabiz Africa believes that among the few safe bets for the next 12 months is: the Dagga Dollar will finally hit Africa big-time.

After years of reform and regulatory debate, a framework for legal cannabis is emerging, paving the way for the beginnings of a potentially new commodity boom. Cannabiz Africa believes there are 6 solid reasons that legal cannabis will start turning into significant cash. Where the cash goes, well….subscribe to premium and find out!

We’re going into the new year slashing our premium rates in order to broaden our readership base. This is because we are discovering how many people are interested in the African cannabis revolution and what opportunities it may have for them.

6 reasons why 2021 should be the year the Dagga Dollar finally lands in Africa

Legalization finally bears fruit for export farmers

11 African countries have now legalized cannabis cultivation for export. During the past year a continental cannabis framework began emerging to the point where licenses are being issued to compliant firms in the following countries




South Africa





There is uncertainty surrounding the legal status of licenses issued in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Cameroon.

Southern Africa leads the way in export market leadership and cannabis reform

Lesotho will be leader of the pack in 2021 having overcome the initial setbacks of first mover advantage. South Africa will soon catch up by introducing some of the most progressive cannabis laws in the world, which will open up exciting new market opportunities. Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda, Ghana, Swaziland, Zambia and Uganda are waiting in the wings to enter the international cannabis and hemp markets.

Reform initiatives intensify across the continent, bolstered by online activity

Reform in Nigeria is of most interest to the international cannabis community. It’s the biggest cannabis consuming nation in the world and legalization would be a game-changer – but it’s unlikely to kick in this year; legalization debates are stepping up in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and Morocco. The surge in online sales and distribution will give momentum to the reform initiative.

A wave of CBD products will hit the African domestic markets

South Africa is the one to watch here as the law changes to allow easier access to cannabis and CBD retail outlets expand incrementally. SA will be the biggest CBD market in Africa in 2021, but markets will open up in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Malawi and Rwanda. This will see a wave of African CBD products emerge and cannabis becoming a legitimate part of consumer health spend.

And of course, don’t forget we’re remain the underground power players!

90% of Africa’s cannabis is grown and sold illegally domestically and internationally by criminal syndicates. The illegal market will continue to dominate cannabis revenue for years, because only 8 countries have legalized some form of usage, 46 have not. Prohibition occurs despite the fact that we are world leaders in the black market and the highest consumers of cannabis in the world. Illegal cannabis sales generate billions of dollars a year – maybe this year African governments will start trying to tap that cash legally – and for the good of their people.

To the African cannabizness community – good luck for the ride ahead – and stay up to speed with breaking news at Cannabiz Africa.

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