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Cannabis & the Elections: ANC & DA Will Reveal Cannabis Policies Only After the 1 Nov Elections

South Africa’s political parties have responded underwhelmingly to Cannabiz Africa’s survey on political party attitudes towards cannabis…

Cannabiz Africa contacted major parties on 20 September 2021 to get their responses to the questions below. As of 20 October 2021, we had only one detailed response – from Al-Jamah AH (details to be published soon). That’s one month later!  The most interesting part of the survey so far is the ANC and DA both saying they will probably issue their cannabis policy statements on after the 1 November elections. I guess cannabis makes them nervous!


6 Cannabis Questions for South African Political Parties

  1. What is your party’s position on cannabis?
  2. Do you think the legalization of cannabis should be an election issue?
  3. Does your party have a view on the draft Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill which is currently before the Justice and Correctional Services Parliamentary Portfolio Committee?
  4. Do you support the legalization of adult-use or “recreational” cannabis and the commercial trade there-in?
  5. Does your party believe cannabis can play a role in SA’s economic development, and if so, how?
  6. What is the biggest danger South Africa faces in legalizing cannabis?


So Cannabiz Africa asked our news partners, Fray Media, for an update on their efforts to get South Africa’s political parties to comment on cannabis. Des Latham who’s been on the case, responded as follows:


Despite constant badgering, we  have been finding it difficult to get the main parties to respond to the survey.  

The DA, ANC have told us they will only comment after the local government elections. We continue pressurising them but I am not hopeful. They’re running away from the subject. Perhaps that’s a story in itself. 

The ANC’s commentator said that she could talk on behalf of the ANC’s position as government of the day but not the ANC per se. Which again is probably worthy of some analysis. 

The EFF said they will respond but are dragging their feet and I believe they’ll do what the ANC and DA are doing – eg respond late/after elections. 

The ACDP, FF Plus and PAC are busy with their responses and will reply shortly – before month end we believe. 

The UDM, ATM, Cope have all indicated they will also respond which  we’re hoping for this week sometime. 

We have one finalised survey at this stage from Al-Jamah AH. 

So it’s slow going but we have a staffer assigned to communicate constantly which she’s doing – including phone calls.



There we go!


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