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Cannabis Stakeholders Humiliate SA Legislators as Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill is Exposed as Unconstitutional, Racist and Well… Plain Damn Stupid Given the Potential at Stake!

The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill came under South African parliamentary scrutiny over three days of public hearings from 31 August to 2 September 2021, and boy-oh-boy were the drafters of this legislation exposed as wanting to “keep the plant in jail”. Read our special Cannabiz Africa Parliamentary Edition here to explore the depths of their irrationality and to hear the voices of reason emerging in this dynamic political space.  

The bottom line is that South Africa needs one over-arching law governing cannabis from personal use to commercial trade and that the proposed Cannabis for Private Purposes law just ain’t it. The Justice Department’s best minds have been woefully inept to rising to a challenge that could see millions of South Africans have a chance at escaping the rural poverty trap. Shame on them.

The Minister of Justice, the South African Police Services and the Department of Social Welfare have seriously let down their colleagues in other government departments who have tried to embrace the spirit of South Africa’s remarkable constitutional court ruling decriminalizing the consumption of cannabis. The Department of Health and SAHPRA have made fools of themselves in the corridors of parliament with ludicrous claims about cannabis not being a foodstuff, while the Department of Agriculture is bravely fronting cannabis reform desperately hoping to be rescued by the Department of Trade and Industry which is busy missing in action.  

The only solution is to appoint a “cannabis tzar” in the presidency to co-ordinate the NCMP and pull all government departments into alignment. Time is tight! Wake Up Everybody!


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