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Find breaking cannabis news, with the top trending topics to enter the cannabis scene in local and international markets. 

Keep informed about the latest movements in the marijuana industry as it pertains to continents around the globe, with a special focus on cannabis in Africa. 

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Learn about trending topics in the recreational and commercial cannabis sectors in South Africa.

From changes in the South African government’s approach to cannabis policy reform, to the highs and lows of the cannabis economy, cultural and perspective shifts on cannabis and much more. 

Keep your ears to the grass and expand your knowledge surrounding the latest cannabis news in South Africa! 

Read content covering the cannabis industry as it spreads across the African continent. 

Africa has the potential to be one of the largest cannabis economies in the world. Climate and economic conditions favour the cultivation, production and exportation of high quality cannabis

In the future, we could see Africa become a heavyweight cannabis economy if countries within the continent follow the right approach to legalising and managing the sustainable commercialisation of this historic and highly beneficial plant. 

Find content curated around the development of African Cannabis Industry. 

Read all about hemp and its benefits as a raw resource and get updates from hemp industries across Africa.

From commercial hemp topics – surrounding hemp farming and hemp permits – to consumer related topics – like the benefits of hemp and the amazing uses for hemp (including everything from hemp oil, hemp clothing and hemp tea to hemp wraps and extracts).

Find cannabis news & content centered around a hemp industry that is bursting at the seams – raring for the right legislation to pass in order to explode!

Get insight into Africa’s relationship with top nations in the international cannabis industry, and what we can learn from the growth of marijuana industries across the globe.

Stay up to date with news from international cannabis markets as Africa expands its business relationships, ventures and gains ground by securing more export agreements with international partners. 

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Find out news resources for medical cannabis related topics in Africa and around the world. 

Stay up to date domestic and international markets formulate their approach to managing medical cannabis as it pertains to the industry and medical cannabis patients.

Health and wellness trends involving cannabis are not new, but the industry is absolutely exploding at the moment – and the momentum is set to continue for years to come. 

Read cannabis related news and insight from a health and wellness perspective, and find out how marijuana can be used to enhance practises in the health and wellness industry. 

Get every piece of our news related to medical cannabis. 

Find out about your local medical cannabis industry and international medical cannabis markets. 

Learn about breaking medical cannabis findings and how this miracle marijuana plant can benefit more and more patients for years to come. 

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Get news from the CBD industry as companies continue to expand and thrive in this exciting sector of the cannabis marketplace. 

CBD promises interesting recreational and medicinal benefits for cannabis patients worldwide, and has consistently been linked with reducing depression, improving sleeping patterns, managing stress & anxiety and much more. 

Read our curated CBD news topics from local and international cannabis industries. 

Learn about cannabis laws and how they pertain to individual cannabis markets in Africa. 

Get breaking legal news and relevant resources for individuals and businesses. Develop a deeper understanding of the history and current status of cannabis laws in major African markets, and what the future of cannabis in Africa holds from a legal perspective. 

You can also find out about influential cannabis advocates and critics in Africa, cannabis clubs and their evolving laws, cannabis related legal projects, and access the 24-HR Emergency Bail Hotline in association with Schindler’s Attorneys

Keep informed about the legal risks and opportunities for cannabis in Africa!

Keep up to date with the legalization of cannabis in South Africa and read our latest South African legal cannabis news. 

The legalization and regulation of cannabis sectors is set to move forward with the National Cannabis Master Plan, and we’re here to cover everything to do with legal cannabis in SA as the laws change in the recreational cannabis, medicinal cannabis and the commercial cannabis industries. 

Read more cannabis legalisation news from South Africa today!

Schindlers Attorneys is South Africa’s first and only law firm to have a dedicated department for M&R (medicinal and recreational) cannabis (“dagga”) law.

Find cannabis news stories related to Schindlers Attorneys regarding their legal advice and litigation as it relates to recreational and medicinal use, as well as commercial interests in the cannabis industry. 

Read about Schindlers in the news below!

Schindlers Attorneys is South Africa’s first and only law firm to have a dedicated department for M&R (medicinal and recreational) cannabis (“dagga”) law. 

This prestigious Cape Town based firm focuses on five primary areas relating to M&R cannabis legal advice: Cannabis Corporate & Intellectual Property law; Medicinal Cannabis Licensing and Compliance; Recreational Cannabis law; Litigation involving reviews of decisions by state functionaries & the protection and preservation of intellectual property, statutory and common law rights; Criminal Defence Litigation that includes High Court litigation for Stays in Prosecution.


The central hub for companies and individuals exploring cannabis marketplaces and business in Africa. 

Our cannabis business news category covers everything from general cannabis industry opportunities and trends, to features for top cannabis brands in Africa plus insight into emerging businesses and services relevant to marijuana marketplaces in the region. 

Develop your understanding of cannabis marketplaces across Africa as the adoption and rise of cannabis across Africa continues into the future. 

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Interested in cannabis stocks? Stay tuned!

We provide breaking updates on cannabis investing as cannabis companies enter local and international exchanges to grow and expand their reach. 

We pay particular attention to cannabis investments available in South Africa and the greater continent of Africa to help our readers find out more about their favourite cannabis and the latest cannabis investment opportunities and their performance. 

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Learn more about cannabis licensing and catch breaking news as legislation and licensing procedures change for cannabis markets locally and around the world. 

Cannabis licensing is available in some parts of Africa, primarily for research, medicinal and some commercial activities but this sector is set to grow as more countries in the African continent explore cannabis production as an asset for its potential revenue and medicinal properties. 

Learn more about cannabis licensing by staying up to date with our licensing news!

Cannabis retail opportunities are available in various international markets, particularly in the US where the cannabis business is booming. 

With other parts of Africa, and the world, set to follow this trend cannabis commercialisation trends, the emergence of the cannabis retail sector could present a bright future for the industry – creating valuable revenue streams and intricate medicinal properties for patients in emerging markets.

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Other Cannabis News & Resources

Find all kinds of other cannabis related news and resources from the cannabis industry. 

Read extra cannabis news and resources that will take your casual cannabis reading to the next level, with a mix of recreational and industry related cannabis content. 

Check out our other cannabis news below!

Are you interested in the influential figures and voice behind the growth and evolution of cannabis industries in Africa and internationally? 

Get insight into active cannabis advocates and critics of the cannabis industry. Monitor their influence and impact as it relates to cannabis reform and legislative change for key marijuana markets. 

You can also find cannabis trendsetters such as heavyweight boxer and cannabis icon Mike Tyson, as well as politically prominent voices for cannabis in our local industry, such as Tito Mboweni

We provide helpful ratings based on their public comments, activities and interactions as they navigate topics surrounding local and international cannabis markets. 

Read about power players in the cannabis industry now!

Find content related to the National Cannabis Master Plan in South Africa.

Keep up to date with the changes to the national master cannabis plan, including changes to SA cannabis policy, landmark legal cases and proposals for new ways to drive the industry & culture forward sustainably in South Africa. 

An effective National Cannabis Master Plan would ensure the success of the cannabis industry in South Africa. With so many factors in play to balance – this is an evolving story that you won’t want to miss out on!

Learn about the plan for the development of the emerging cannabis industry in South Africa.