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Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill

The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill that is coming before the South African parliament in 2021. See the bill below and the schedules that determine what constitutes legal possession.



4 Responses

  1. Cannabis is not a crime the way authorities use their powers to boldly ppeople usibgvitvis a crime a plant that was given to us by our Creator who gives is breath blest mankind with an amazing healing plant for holistic healing believe me on this it heals anyone evens children in many ways. Healing is important don’t you think

  2. Freedom is important we can’t be and should be controled to use JAH Herbs was given to mankind by the Creator Him self it is written you will see. I did think our Creator will give us drugs to use Cannabis is a international herbs that grows all over and health many over the century’s. Those who trusted the plant that JAH God blest us to use.
    You will need it sometime to and it will heal your body from inside out and outside in Holisticly I believe. No restrictions should b on it to use. Every family need to use it in some kind of way for many healing purpose

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