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Child’s name: Agri

Grade   E

Performance: This child is well-meaning, but really does not have the appetite for any schoolwork. Agri seems to be well-behaved, quiet and attentive, but it’s evident that it does not understand what is happening in the classroom and this prevents it from taking on the leadership roles that have been offered; Agri has good intentions and makes the right noises in class, but this has been marred by laziness, a lack of a conceptual grasp of the lessons and homework is always sloppy and always submitted late. 

Recommendation: Agri is really only interested in hemp and it is recommended that for the child to advance to the next class, it’s best to relieve it of all other responsibilities and to let it carry on playing only with hemp. 


2021 Departmental Summary

Opening Hemp Permit Proccess – the Only Advance of the Year, Sort Of..

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) was put in charge of the NCMP. In May, after “extensive consultation with stakeholders”, DALRRD put the plan to Nedlac for consideration as to how it would be made law. Nedlac said the document did not offer a commercial cannabis framework, was riddled with contradictions, and was sent back to the drawing board. Since then the NCMP process ground to a halt while DALRRD focused on opening up the hemp permit application process. Hemp permits are now available but their compliance criteria are onerous. DALRRD is setting itself up for failure if it is hoping to convert cannabis grower into hemp farmers because it doesn’t make any economic sense. It is clear that DALRDD does not have the political clout, will or skills to drive a commercial cannabis framework, let alone the imagination.

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