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Kenyan Presidential Hopeful Wajackoyah Unveils Cannabis Master Plan

Kenyan Presidential Hopeful Wajackoyah Unveils Cannabis Master Plan

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6 August 2022 at 08:00:00

Kenyan presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has identified the best cannabis growing areas in the country as he contests the 9 August 2022 elections on a pro-legalization ticket.

Professor GeorgeWajackoyah is an outsider in the race to govern State House, but he has picked up a lot of support amongst the youth for his enthusiasm for cannabis, which he says should be legalized and commercialized.

Wajackoyah, who recently visited cannabis facilities in the United States on a fund-raising trip, told KTN News that his Roots Party was already working on a cannabis master plan.

"We have the legal aspect that includes rules and regulations governing it, supervision and we have also identified areas where it will be grown and that will be gazetted," he added.

Wajackoyah said the plan envisaged mass cannabis planting in the Mount Kenya area, as well as three other areas, which he said were already producing cannabis.

  • · Nyamira

  • · Nanyuki

  • · Bunyore

He said that ‘research showed that the best cannabis in the whole world comes from these three areas. "We have also identified North Eastern Kenya since it is sparsely populated," he added.

The Citizen reported on 16 July 2022 that Roots Party spokesman Jaymo Ule Msee said on Instagram that Wajackoyah was visiting several cannabis farms in the US to better understand the growing process of the plant which remains outlawed in Kenya.

Msee shared pictures of Wajackoyah examining various cannabis strains grown for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Wajackoyah has been vocal about legalising cannabis and commercializing the drug for medicinal purposes should he clinch the presidency during the August polls.

The Roots Party frontman has publicly stated that cannabis farming, coupled with incentives that will boost the country's available economic infrastructure will be the first thing his administration will set out to achieve should he occupy State House after the polls.

He also intends to have Kenya export snake and hyena meat as well as the scavengers’ testicles to the Asian market in a bid to augment revenue collection streams and offset the country’s ballooning debt.

Wajackoyah has in the past stated that he is prepared to counter perceived resistance that his unique proposals would evoke among some of the country’s residents.


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