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Kenyan Presidential Hopeful Stands on Legalization Ticket: Says Cannabis Cash Will Pay Off Chinese Debt

Kenyan Presidential Hopeful Stands on Legalization Ticket: Says Cannabis Cash Will Pay Off Chinese Debt

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18 May 2022, 22:00:00

proceeds of legal cannabis cash sales will help the country pay off its debt to China

Wajackoyah says if he wins he will purge State House by lighting up his first joint

Kenyan opposition leader, Prof George Wajackoyah of the Roots Party has called for the legalization of cannabis ahead of the 9 August 2022  presidential elections.

The former lawyer, who is standing on an anti-corruption ticket, says the proceeds of legal cannabis cash sales will help the country pay off its debt to China.

Kenya’s auditor general has warned that if the country defaults on a US$3,6 billion debt to Chinese creditors, it could lose the port of Mombasa, which may or may not have been pledged as security.

Wajackoyah, told Capital FM’s Bruhan Makong on 16 May 2022 that if elected he would symbolically smoke his first joint to banish ‘evil spirits’ from State House, Parliament, and the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) once he is elected to office in the August 9 polls.

Wahconah said that though he had never smoked bhang in his entire life, he would do it to “mark a new beginning in the country”.

“It will be symbolic just like the birth of Jesus Christ is very symbolic to every Christian and even people celebrate their birthdays. That will be a symbolic day for celebration,” Wajackoyah said during the interview, which is reproduced below.

A lawyer by profession, Wajackoyah urged his supporters to come out in large numbers and elect him.

He called on Kenyans to reject the “pimping kind of cabinets” announced by his rivals while referencing the partial naming of Raila Odinga’s cabinet on Monday when he unveiled his running mate.

“Raila appointed the same folks who go on Sunday to church, nothing wrong with that, the same folks who cannot change the mindset of Kenyans. I have not seen anyone who advocates for ‘weed’ being appointed by Raila or Ruto. They have appointed their comrades. That means a lot of Kenyans have no chance,” he stated.

He exuded confidence in beating both Raila and UDA presidential candidate William Ruto. While promoting his party’s ideals, the Roots Party Presidential flag bearer said that his party originates from the symbolic gesture of shaking the tree saying he equates his party with an anti-corruption crusade from the Biblical days when the Romans were stealing from the Jews.

He added that the symbol of his party is ‘shaking the tree of corruption’ pointing out that his administration will make it its mission to combat endemic corruption in government.

Wajackoyah further noted that the current leadership had failed in addressing the issues affecting Kenyans citing the current high cost of living in the country which he described as ‘pathetic’.

Cannabis income could mean self-reliance for Kenya

To address the challenge, Wajackoyah said that he will begin by legalizing cannabis and get enough proceeds to pay-off Chinese debts to enable Kenyans to be self-reliant.

“Marijuana can bring in enough income for every Kenyan to have money in his pocket so that Kenyans can sit together and chart their economic and human rights in terms of economic emancipation, employment, political rights, and civil rights,” he added.

He added he chose to stick with cannabis since it is highly sustainable compared to other products like beans and maize which he said brings little revenue into the economy as compared to bhang.

He rubbished the claims that his call for the legalization of marijuana could encourage drug abuse in the country.

“Only small minds speak about drug abuse. Right now we have got so many mental patients in Mathare. Are they there because of Marijuana? What about liquor, is Guinness not a drug? Is tobacco not a drug? Too much of something is poisonous… Why is it that countries like Holland, Uganda, Canada, and Zambia have legalized Marijuana,” he posed.

Wajackoyah pointed out that regulation changing the mindset and doing things in the right way is key to ensuring the success of his vision.

“Marijuana is for export, for industrial purposes, and for medicine and religious services,” he added.

He insisted that his party is already popular in the country adding that he gets what it takes to lead the country including years of experience in different positions in the course of his career.

Wajackoyah also said he will seek to suspend the constitution within the first six months of his term in office to allow Kenyans to have a say in what they want or don’t want.

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