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Cheeba Launches Africa’s First Full-Service Cannabis Consultancy

Cheeba Launches Africa’s First Full-Service Cannabis Consultancy

Cannabiz Africa

23 August 2022 at 11:00:00

Cheeba Cannabis Consulting brings together a network of experts to offer a broad range of services across the cannabis and hemp value chains as the cannabis economy starts picking up a head of steam.

Cheeba Africa has launched a one-stop cannabis consulting service offering a range of services across the emerging cannabis and hemp supply chains. Spearheaded by Cheeba Africa CEO, Trenton Birch, Cheeba Cannabis Consulting aims to offer a “single point management solution” to clients across the continent.

“We are tired of hearing about the amount of people being ripped off by consultants in South Africa and decided it was time to do something about it” Birch told Cannabiz Africa on 23 August 2022.  “We have pulled together an incredible group of people who are specialists in their own right to ensure we can deliver best in class solutions”.

Birch is no stranger to dealing with clients and has many years of client servicing under his belt from his tenure in the UK where he was the managing director for an Omnicom marketing agency and also the Head of Operations for the UK’s biggest independent experiential marketing agency.

The consultancy will offer a range of services from compliance and cultivation through to processing, packaging and specific sector analysis.

Cannabiz Africa is a strategic partner in the new consultancy which includes:

  • Cheeba Co-founders, Birch and Linda Siboto, who are widely know through the industry;

  • Natie Ferreira - one of South Africa’s most experienced cannabis and hemp growers with over 25 years of hands on farming and cultivation;

  • Biochemist Jeff Verlinden from Separations bringing extraction experience to the table;

  • Ash Lurie who is the COO of Druids Garden with deep cannabis farm build experience under his belt;

  • Compliance expert Johan Pieterse who works with Druids Garden and also runs Travsec;

  • Rising cannabis grower Cuban Zulu who brings cultivation experience to the table and

  • Regulatory pharmacist David Malopo, who brings his pharmacy experience into the mix.

The consultancy has also signed deals with a number of strategic network partners including:

  • Druids Garden (commercial SAHPRA licensed farm) ,

  • Farmer to Pharma (Offtake company),

  • Berkley Risk (Cannabis and Hemp insurance),

  • Travsec (Cannabis Security specialist) and

  • Brett Hilton-Barber of Cannabiz Africa (Reports and industry insight).

“We are really excited to raise the bar in South Africa with our new offering.  We receive so many calls for advice to our academy and realized that we needed to formalize things and create a platform that could be trusted for honesty and transparency”  Siboto adds.

The agency offers a comprehensive list of services covering the entire cannabis and hemp value chains and is supported by an extensive industry network built through Cheeba’s education and media platforms.

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