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About Us

Welcome to Cannabiz Africa, the business of African cannabis.

We aim is to provide relevant, up-to-date, accurate and interesting news about the emerging African cannabis market.  

What we do

Our editorial policy is simple: we believe in freedom of speech, a free market and that cannabis should be entirely legal. We are independent, we look for balance, we encourage a diversity of opinion.  We follow the marijuana money. Who’s making it, who’s losing it, who’s putting it up, who’s spending it, how it’s being spent, who’s trying to get their hands on it, and what’s all coming out at the other end.

We strongly believe that ordinary Africans should not be locked out of the economic opportunities that cannabis is opening up. This continent is no stranger to weed, most of which is grown illegally in rural areas by people who are poor. We encourage African governments to include them in their policy frameworks and not to continue their persecution. We also encourage them to allow CBD products into their consumer markets.

If you are in the business of cannabis, we want to get to know you, encourage your projects and publicize them. We’re positive. We recognize that everyone in this space has to be a bit of a chancer and we want individuals and companies to profit from cannabis. But we’re also critical. We’ll call the scams as we see them.  

We want to encourage lively, honest and informed debate, provide you breaking news and document the wild ride ahead that is the African cannabis boom. We are vested in opening up communication in the cannabis arena. There’s so much to talk about.

Cannabiz Africa is published by Brett Hilton-Barber, and based in Limpopo, South Africa.