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Get Birguid’s Southern African Cannabis Industry Review - July 2021

Find valuable insight into Southern Africa’s cannabis industry from a leading market research and business growth partner.

Learn more about key cannabis industry segments – from recreational cannabis, to medicinal cannabis, and cannabis for other/industrial uses.

Understand the factors currently driving the growth of the cannabis industry across Southern African countries, including profiles of the sub-region’s six key countries.

Keep up to date with Southern African cannabis marketplaces, investments, interventions, market forecasts, and cannabis licensing & legislation – plus key strategic conclusions for both local and foreign cannabis investors.

Stay on top of key trends from the cannabis industry in Southern Africa as countries adopt cannabis and hone their approach to managing success of localised cannabis marketplaces.

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Learn all about cannabis news across Africa. 

Find breaking news, resources and cannabis industry reports that are valuable for everyone from casual readers, to cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis entrepreneurs. 

Make informed decisions and hone your approach to the African cannabis market as marijuana industries emerge and expand, while positively impacting regions throughout the continent. 

Get insight on all perspectives – from personal and recreational-use related cannabis content, to high level business and governmental changes that influence the business of cannabis

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There are a variety of amazing cannabis master-growers the world over, from whose experience we novices – and even the more experienced among us – can learn from.

Power Players In The Cannabis Industry

Get insight into the voices and influential figures behind the transformation and growth of cannabis industries in Africa. 

Find out about each cannabis advocate and critic, and how strong each their influence is, when it comes to cannabis reform and legislative change for key marijuana markets. 

We cover everyone with an influence in the local and international cannabis industry – from prominent politicians to popular weed icons – providing each with a rating and a background into their interaction with the marijuana industry. 

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The central hub for businesses and individuals exploring the cannabis marketplace in Africa. 

Our cannabis marketplace category covers everything from general cannabis business opportunities and trends, to features for top cannabis brands in Africa plus insight into emerging cannabis companies and cutting-edge services relevant to marijuana marketplaces in the region. 

Develop your understanding of cannabis marketplaces across Africa as the adoption and rise of cannabis continues to spread around the continent. 

Browse our cannabis marketplace for cannabis market opportunities and featured listings. 

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