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State Backs Down on Opposition to Private Cannabis Clubs as THC Case Heads for Cape High Court

Senior State Advocate Sarel Robbertse has unwittingly provided ammunition for The Haze Club (THC) director Neil Liddell’s Cape High Court application to have Private Cannabis Clubs (PCC’s) declared legal once and for all. Lidell’s case comes up on Monday 6 June 2022, just days after Robbertse told Parliament that PCCs may be a valuable tool in allowing cannabis consumers who did not have access to private property to have an alternative mechanism. Robbertse’s concession came after a cohesive argument for PCC’s by Marlene Theunissen of Cradlestoned, who told parliamentarians that social cannabis clubs should be seen as a ‘harms reduction’ mechanism.

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Learn about trending topics in the recreational and commercial cannabis sectors in South Africa.

From changes in the South African government’s approach to cannabis policy reform, to the highs and lows of the cannabis economy, cultural and perspective shifts on cannabis and much more. 

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Africa has the potential to be one of the largest cannabis economies in the world. Climate and economic conditions favour the cultivation, production and exportation of high quality cannabis

In the future, we could see Africa become a heavyweight cannabis economy if countries within the continent follow the right approach to legalising and managing the sustainable commercialisation of this historic and highly beneficial plant. 

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South Africa is home to some incredible cannabis events and cannabis expos, featuring industry icons, leading cannabis companies and high quality products. 

Cannabis events provide a hub for socialising and networking while immersing yourself in the culture of the cannabis community.

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We cover everyone with an influence in the local and international cannabis industry – from prominent politicians to popular weed icons – providing each with a rating and a background into their interaction with the marijuana industry. 

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